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    Satoshi, Tesla, Salvador Dali ...    

    and you!    

Brainland time begins now!

Are you ready to reveal your own genius by creating a brand new universe?

If you are tired of being the ''Player'' in this world, don't miss your chance to create your own playground now!

Brainland is a multiplayer adventure-puzzle metaverse game with a unique Play-To-Earn model. In Brainland, you will be able to reveal your own genius by solving puzzles, answering the unique questions while competing with other geniuses.

Brainland is waiting for you with its questions waiting to be answered and puzzles are waiting to be solved. Come and reveal your genius at Brainland!

Stay tuned.

For Players

Are you ready to cross all your visible and invisible boundaries in the Brainland?

Defeat your opponents on the track and reach Atlas! Connect the clues and give the correct answers to the questions.
Congratulations; You won the reward!

While winning competitions and earning passive income; at the same time you can increase the levels of your NFT character.
Earn passive income and wealth of property together!

For Brands

Do you want to do your own project activity? In the world of Metaverse, you can start to create a loyal audience for your brand/product with innovative strategies.
Let your community compete in Brainland and set your event reward, specific to your community.

Every brand; while doing their own product activity; can offer a reward mechanism consisting of its own products. It is you who are in charge here!

If you want to be on top with your company in the next creative revolution; Brainland is waiting for you!